• We provide outstanding customer service by addressing customer concerns, questions or issues immediately. When you have questions or concerns you want a quick resolution. Our Call-Back Guarantee ensures that no matter what time of day, we’ll either answer the phone at the time of your call, or we’ll call back.
  • At Tenacious Cleaning Services, we utilize employee time and attendance software. This GPS system allows us to monitor and track each of our cleaning technician’s time on the job at your location, which guarantees we are cleaning your facility as we promised.
  • We use scientific methods to determine the effectiveness of our cleaning methods. In addition to visual inspections, we use ATP testing randomly during our quality assurance rounds at your facility. ATP testing guarantees the effectiveness of our cleaning processes and chemicals throughout your building.  The ATP (adenosine triphosphate) test measures the hygiene levels on a surface. The measurement from the test gives a reading which is then correlated to an estimated level of cleanliness for the test object or area.

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For those who appreciate the difference

Services Provided

Complete Janitorial Services
COMPLETE JANITORIAL SERVICES All of our services can be customized to best addres...
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Day and Night Porter Services
DAY AND NIGHT PORTER SERVICES Our Porters provide custodian-type cleaning service...
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Carpet Cleaning Program; Extraction, Steam Cleaning & Encapsulation Cleaning Program
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Glass & Screen Cleaning Inside and Outside
GLASS & SCREEN CLEANING INSIDE AND OUTSIDE Tenacious can provide you with sparkli...
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Complete Facility Maintenance Services
COMPLETE FACILITY MAINTENANCE SERVICES If you find the task of managing your buil...
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